Perfect Fit Party

Perfect Fit Party

For a limited time, you and your girl friends have the opportunity to do something innovative and fun!

Looking for something new and fun that you can all do together? Look no further! Each class is personally designed to fit your needs and comes with healthy snacks and a post workout smoothie.

You and 6 of your friends and/or family

A low cost way to spend some time with the girls, work out and get healthy!

Weekends after normal gym hours, or on your scheduled time

Perfect Fit Health Club

Perfect Fit Package – group fitness class, cardio/core session, relaxation yoga
Kick Fit Package – kickboxing class, relaxation yoga
Total Body TRX Blast Package – body weight training, TRX class, relaxation stretching
Mix and Max Package – pick your own!

Contact Noah at 216-333-3574 or email

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