Personal Training

Personal Training

Perfect Fit Health Club has helped over hundreds of clients lose over 500 pounds and 450 inches!


Burn over 1,000 calories in under an hour with a personal trainer

Our Personal Training programs are more than just an exercise regimen, we individualize every program to our client’s specific needs and include:

  • Monthly full body measurements including body fat, muscle mass and BMI
  • Monthly  personalized progress charts
  • Off day workout charts
  • Nutritional guidance including
    • Healthy food options
    • Label and grocery shopping tips and lists
    • Daily nutrition analysis breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins

PT march

**Free year membership, 10 free boot camps, 2 free PT half hour sessions included**


Monthly financing available & discounted rates available for long term training programs

-Starter Package (1-2 months)

-Commitment Package (3-5 months)

-Transformation Package (6 month)

-The Perfect Fit Package (1 year)

In Home Training Options Available


*Prices do not include tax and Monthly financing options available

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