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Youth Fitness Blog


Every parent wants their child to be as successful as possible. With that in mind, the prevalence of

athletic training for the youth has seen a stark increase in recent years. Although parents would like to

see their children in the pros one day, the likelihood of that happening is slim. Most youth do not have

the fundamentals in the first place to be performing such athletic exercises because they do not have

the proper motor patterns down. A more logical approach to lifelong fitness is in order.

The REAL goal of youth fitness runs much deeper than strictly athletic training. The cornerstone being

the 5 components of physical fitness (muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility,

cardiorespiratory fitness, and body composition.) With these 5 components being the foundation of

fitness, it is important to keep in mind that a young child might not have a clue what any of this means.

As parents, whether you are a fitness advocate or not, it is important to involve your child in some type

of programming that fortifies these components of physical fitness. Since it is hard for an adult, let alone

a child to integrate these into a fitness routine alone – proper class programming and undertakings that

play a pivotal role in activities of daily living that are both fun and inclusive can make a huge difference

in the way fitness is perceived.

My providing both youth and adult clients with an outlet to learn fun lifelong fitness activities, other

facets of life will be heightened as well such as increased…

• Social skills

• Organizational skills

• Problem solving skills

• Creativity

• Language skills

These skills, not athletic components of fitness are ultimately what are going to make our kids healthy,

strong and intuitive adults.

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Covid-19 Important Information

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Perfect Fit Health Club Reopening Protocol

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    • Upon Entry, members must sanitize their hands with provided hand sanitizer.
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    • Restrooms will serve as a handwashing station and are for emergency use only. Lockers, showers & sauna are closed.
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